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    AI Image transfer web service

    - Paintly Lite

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    - Paintly for pet



    - Oh Bon

    A table top game designed by paintly



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    - Drawing Movie

    Sketch style 3 sec snap movie

    - Drawing ID(Proof.ai)

    Image to art

    - Sketch AI


    - MyDONA

    Personal accountant

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    Proof.AI Drawing is an AI-driven image transfer app

    It enables you to recreate your favorite profile photos into artworks.

    With this app you can simply become an artist, all you need is your imagination and you can turn your photos into artworks.

    Pick your best profile photos, our cutting-edge will turn your everyday profile photos to magical drawings.

    Currently, O filters are prepared and will be updated every week.


    + Tips for getting the most out of Proof.AI

    - Prepare images with distinctive background.


    Style transfer is the technique of recomposing images in the style of other images.

    It might take few minutes up to 1 day to get you artworks right, but be patient it’s worth waiting.

    We will send you a notification when the pictures are ready.